ISORROPIA HOMEGALLERY is a private home.

A space in which we live daily, that allows at the same time, to host, for short periods, galleries and their artists in the display of their art. Architect friends helped us to realise our dreams, conceiving a multifunctional living space. A way to live art, to share it with friends, with acquaintances and even with unknowns. A domestic space where one feels comfortable, to cultivate empathy, arrange to share time, emotion and ideas: a space of balance (isorropia). We do not sell, we do not buy, we do not take commission fees: all the commercial aspects of the art are handled by the galleries that we host.

Entrance is free, but only on invitation.



A HOUSE: in principle it was a home. A space to live, the vital center of human life and family. A traditional home, modern, functional, elegant, occupied since construction by a single family.


A MULTI FUNCTIONAL SPACE: tradition and evolution. The home of old becomes a new way of living and perceiving life within the domestic walls. A passion that takes form and transforms the daily domestic space into one of amicable artistic exchange.


A GALLERY: there is no more separation between private and public space. The boundaries vanish in the name of art. The art works are chosen, hosted and honored with loyalty and respect.